Why Convert Your House Into a Solar Home ?

Green is in. People nowadays are starting to be more concerned about the environment and are getting more active with its conservation. The signs of global warming are everywhere, and people are starting to feel its adverse effects. One sure way of combating global warming is by finding renewable sources of clean energy. One of them is actually in plain sight, the sun.

With the high costs of the traditional way of generating power, and the Earth's dwindling sources of fossil fuels, people are experiencing a steady increase in electricity bills per year. Right now it's at about $6,000 a year for the average American home, who knows how much it will cost a few years from now. This is probably the main reason why converting to a solar home is becoming a viable option to either cut down or virtually eliminate electricity bills.

The Benefits of Going Green

The benefits of converting to a solar home are many. For one, people will not have to pay for electricity, if the conversion was done properly. Another huge benefit is to the environment. The less commercially generated electricity people use, the less fossil fuel are burned. This in turn cuts down the awful greenhouse gasses that are said to be the main cause of global warming. And imagine this, having a house that is completely off the power grid can also mean that a person doesn't have to pay for a full tank of gas ever again. The technology used by electric cars have grown so far that it almost gives the same mileage as a regular gas powered vehicle.

How to Convert your House into a Solar Home

Some might think that the logistics and the costs involved in converting houses to use solar energy is too large to deal with. That may be the case years ago, but not today. Solar technology has developed to such an extent that costs can now be kept to a minimum. The technology also isn't as bulky as it was back then. The equipment used now takes up only a fraction of the space needed compared to some solar power setups a few years ago. To start the conversion, here are the most important things that a home owner needs.

Solar Panels. These basically are the power plants. They absorb solar radiation and concert them to usable electricity. High capacity batteries to be used to store electricity are also needed, just in case the local weatherman forecasts three full days of overcast skies. An inverter is also needed. This device concerts the DC power that the solar power generates into AC power that can be used by home appliances.

That's basically it. The solar panels convert solar power into useable electricity then the inverter converts that power so that it can be used by the house. Excess power that is not used is then stored into the batteries for a rainy day.

How Much Will the Conversion Cost?

It's not cheap, but not so expensive that the average American family will not be able to afford it. It has been shown that the cost of setting up a house that can generate 6 kilowatts of electricity can cost up to $48,000, this already includes an 8 kilowatt set up of backup batteries. Think about it, it will only take a little over seven years for the system to pay for itself, with the average yearly electricity bill of an average household amounting to $6000.

The benefits of converting to a solar home truly outweigh the costs and the labor involved. It's not only the family who benefits, but the whole world and everything that live in it benefits as well. In a few years time, solar technology will have evolved to become so highly efficient and affordable, it will literally spell the end of fossil fuels as the world's main source of energy.