Off The Grid Solar Home Plans

When we decided to move beyond the power lines the first item on our agenda was to find off the grid solar home plans. We figured that by using solar panels we could quickly and easily make our off grid home comfortable.

We looked into the possibility of wind power at first (we have since built a wind generator), but at the time it didn't seem feasible in our location. Right away we needed to cut a lot of trees to get a wind generator high enough to produce power.

Because of the modular nature of solar panels we could start small and add on later with ease. But first we had find off the grid solar home plans.

What did we need?

· Step by step solar panel installation guide

· Inexpensive off the grid solar home plans

· Learn how to build our own home

We began our search by visiting with people in our area who had been living off the grid for a while. There was quite a few and all of them helped us in some way. Every off grid home was different just like the people who lived in them.

That made our challenge to find off the grid solar home plans that fit our lifestyle both easier and harder.

We had decided to use only solar power at the start of our off grid experience so we started with a simple energy budget that would help us determine how much power production we would need.

After carefully adding up all of our power usage we determined that we would need at least 3000 watts of solar power production and a small backup generator to power our home comfortably.

We sent out several letter and emails asking if anyone we knew had any ideas where we could find off the grid solar home plans. Many of our friends lived off the grid and we had hoped that a quick response would have us on our way.

Within a couple days we had several responses all indicating a particular website that had helped them all. It looked like a great place to start.

The authors had lived off the grid for over 15 years and had written several books from installing solar panels, to building your own off grid home to finding free solar panels or even building a wind generator, which we undertook with success a while ago.

This was exactly what we had been searching for, a place where we could find all of the information and detailed books on the subject of off the grid solar home plans. All of the books were under $20 which was quite reasonable and we got started right away.

It didn't take long to plan out our own off grid dream home after that. We are so happy that we avoided some very common mistakes that people make when designing and building their own off grid home, well worth the expert advice.